Porter INFINITI's Newark, DE Lifetime Engine Protection Program


Terms and Conditions 
A. Scope of This Protection Plan
This protection plan is separate from, and does not extend the vehicle manufacturer's warranty. This Protection Plan will take effect only after the OEM warranty expires. However, BG Products, Inc. will pay the deductible amount paid by you under any extended service contract purchased by you which covers such a claim. It is subject to the terms and conditions contained herein. BG Products, Inc. through its Authorized Claims Administrator, agrees to repair or replace parts of the:
Engine & Fuel (gasoline) listed herein that has been serviced by the use of BG 110 and BG 203, or B110 and BG 208 when oil and oil filter are changed. BG 407 is optional.
B. Terms, Duration and Extension of This Protection Plan
This Protection Plan is subject to the terms and conditions contained herein:
Plan 1 (0-36,000 miles initial service):
The initial service(s) must have been performed within 36,000 miles, as shown on the odometer.
Plan 2 (36,001-75.000 miles initial service)
The initial service(s) must have been performed between 36,001 miles, and 75,000 miles, as shown on the odometer. This Protection Plan will take effect 1,000 miles after the first BG Service(s) has been performed by a professional technician. This Protection Plan for Engine (gasoline and diesel) and Engine and Fuel (gasoline) will be continued by the performance of the BG Service within 7,500 miles of the previous service (effective June 1, 2012). From the date of your Protection Plan enrollment, the vehicle's engine must be serviced only with the proper grade and weight of engine oil, recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Timing belt and air and oil filter must be replaced and emission control system maintained in accordance with vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. All services referred to in Section A must be performed by a licensed professional service center. You may not change your own oil. In the event of a claim, you must provide BG Products, Inc., with satisfactory evidence, according to Section E, that all of the required services referred to in Section A were performed.
A professional technician must perform an approved BG maintenance procedure using proper BG products and equipment. A grace period of 500 miles will be extended in order to stay within service interval compliance, including initial service.
C. Covered
Payment of claims under this Protection Plan is limited to the labor time necessary to make repairs or to replace any irreparably damaged parts as allocated by Motor or Mitchell Flat Rate Guide or other industry accepted flat rate guide, multiplied by the commercial repair shop's posted hourly labor rate, plus the reasonable cost of replaced parts of like kind and quality at the administrator's discretion. This BG Protection Plan covers only the lubricated parts contained within:
Engine (gasoline and diesel)
Pistons and Rings Wrist Pins and Bushings Rods and Rod Bearings
Cam Shafts and Bearings Push Rods Intake Valves and Guides**
Turbo Bearings Crankshaft and Bearings Cylinder Liners or Bores
Valve Lifters Timing Chains* Rocker Arms and Pivots
Oil pump Timing Gears or Sprockets Distributor Drive Gear
Fuel (gasoline)
Oxygen sensors PCV
Injectors (Deposit-related malfunctions only)
* Timing belts and damage to engine parts due to broken timing belts excluded.
** Grinding adjustments excluded.
D. Owners Responsibility
Perform a Premium "A" service or complete our Recommended Service Schedule "B","C', or "D" service at a Porter Auto Group Store within 7500 miles of the purchase of your new or pre-owned vehicle. Your plan start mileage will be the mileage on the vehicle when purchased new or for pre-owned when the oil was changed before purchase. Mileage of the vehicle at the plan start date will determine if the vehicle qualifies for Plan 1 or Plan 2.

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