Dear Valued Customers,

To continue to protect our customers and the members of our company, we have taken actions to protect our customers while conducting business in our facility. Your health and safety of our is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the current situation with the Covid-19.

Our operations and services are open for business based on the guidelines from local government and health officials. Our store is cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day. From areas of customer engagement, to cleaning your vehicle and loaners by (wiping down door handles, steering wheel, seats and console), to requiring our employees to wear gloves and reinforcing hand-washing to all parties posted on signs throughout the store. We have also canceled all vendors and manufactures who have to travel to our store.

We are deeply grateful for your loyalty to our company and we are committed to retaining your loyalty by demonstrating that we are place that will go the extra-mile to demonstrate that we can be trusted.

We will continue to update our policy and protections until the U.S. government declares that the national emergency has passed. Thank you for working with us as and supporting us through these difficult times. Together with the help of our customers, employees and community, we will overcome Covid-19.

Your Matches

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