Porter INFINITI Tire Department

INFINITI Tire Department in Newark, DE


INFINITI Tire Department in Newark, DE

We operate a tire department that provides INFINITI drivers with comprehensive tire maintenance. We have new original equipment tires for sale and provide the tire services recommended for the best driving experience. Services are completed according to certified INFINITI standards. You can visit the Porter Xpress service center when you need a tire inspection or rotation. Visit Porter INFINITI for all of your tire sales and service needs.


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Certified INFINITI Tire Services

Tire services at Porter INFINITI are completed to certified standards by factory-trained technicians in a state-of-the-art facility with the newest equipment. Getting certified INFINITI tire service is a profitable investment toward the best driving experience, safety, and longest-lasting tires.

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Tire Rotation

Tire rotation service is recommended every 10,000 miles in normal conditions. This maintenance is needed to extend tire life and promote the best driving experience. We will reposition the tires according to the certified tire rotation pattern. Tire rotation service is available without an appointment at Porter Xpress service center.

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Wheel Alignment

We provide two-wheel and four-wheel alignment services depending upon your INFINITI model’s drivetrain type. Our factory-trained and certified technicians use computerized wheel alignment equipment to measure and adjust the camber, caster, and toe-in to specifications.

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Tire Balancing

We use a digital wheel balancer to ensure the wheel-tire assemblies spin with centered weight. Imbalances detected are corrected to ensure a wobble-free driving experience that protects the tires and suspension/steering components.

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Tire Inspection

Inspections are needed if problems develop and at minor/major service intervals. We also recommend inspecting tires alongside other services for optimal safety. A factory-trained technician will inspect for rapid, uneven, and irregular wear. We will measure the tread depth to verify sufficient traction in adverse conditions while determining the remaining life. We will check and adjust inflation pressures as necessary to restore specifications. We provide tire inspections without an appointment at the Porter Xpress service center.

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Tire Sales

We have new INFINITI original equipment tires in stock, ready to install to factory specifications. Visit our online tire store to shop for new tires and schedule installation service. You can also place a new tire order by phone during regular hours.

Schedule Tire Service at Porter INFINITI

Customers can schedule tire services conveniently online or by calling the service department during normal hours. Don’t forget that we provide tire inspection and rotation services without appointments at the Porter Xpress service center.


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