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INFINITI® A/C Service Keeps You Cool When It's Hot Out

The arrival of warm weather means it's time to start using the A/C in your INFINITI®, but it may not be responsive after not being in use for the last few months. At Porter INFINITI in Newark, we can take care of the air conditioner in your INFINITI® with our INFINITI® A/C service and keep the heat outside of your car where it belongs. Here's a look at what's involved in air conditioner service and repair for your INFINITI®.

INFINITI A/C Service & Repair in Newark, DE

What's Involved in Getting Your INFINITI® Air Conditioner Serviced

INFINITI® A/C service consists of going through your car's air conditioning system to look for leaks and to make sure that all components are operating properly. The A/C system needs to have consistent pressure to draw hot air out of the cabin of your car and keep the interior cool. A/C service for your INFINITI® consists of a qualified technician checking the system for pressure and refrigerant leaks.

Reasons Why Your Car Needs INFINITI® A/C Repair

The air conditioner in your INFINITI® is made up of several moving parts, including a compressor, evaporator, and condenser, to name a few. Sometimes, these parts fail or leak and cause your air conditioner to work less effectively or not at all. The refrigerant stored in the system can leak out at different points of failure in the system, road debris can clog the condenser, and the compressor can fail. If any of these issues are present, your car needs to undergo INFINITI® A/C repair service.

If you notice a weird smell, low or weak airflow, or it's blowing hot instead of cold, it's time to bring your car to us at Porter INFINITI for INFINITI® A/C repair.

How Often Your INFINITI® A/C Needs to be Recharged

It's recommended to have your car's air conditioner checked every year, ideally ahead of the arrival of hot weather. Getting INFINITI® A/C service is quick, and you won't have to wait long to find out if your car needs its refrigerant recharged or if there's an impending failure somewhere in the system. You can opt to have the service done in conjunction with your regularly scheduled maintenance or as a service on its own.

Come See Us at Porter INFINITI to Get Service for Your Car's Air Conditioner

At Porter INFINITI in Newark, our service center is staffed by factory-trained technicians that understand the intricacies of your car's A/C system. They'll check your air conditioner system for issues, and provide any necessary repairs. Use our online service scheduler to find a time and date that works for you, and let us know what service you're bringing your car in for. Once you're here, you can enjoy our comfortable waiting room that's loaded with amenities to keep you comfortable while our technicians take care of your INFINITI®.


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