Porter INFINITI Brake Pad Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement
in Newark, DE


INFINITI Brake Pad Replacement in Newark, DE

We provide certified INFINITI brake pad replacement service. Local INFINITI drivers in Newark, Wilmington, Ogletown, Brookside, DE, and Elkton, MD can trust that their service will be completed by factory-trained and certified technicians with genuine INFINITI OEM parts. We invite you to check our current service specials for your brake service at Porter INFINITI in Newark, DE.

Brake Pads & Maintenance

Brake pads are a high friction metallic composite designed to create resistance when pressed against the rotor discs connected to the wheels. Brake pads wear away and lose thickness depending upon the severity of use. Driving conditions, such as hard stopping, stop-and-go traffic, and carrying heavier cargo cause the brake pads to work harder and wear down faster. All brake pads will eventually need replacement service when they are worn.

Front, Rear & All Brake Pad Replacement Services

Brake pads often wear out at variable rates, with the front pads wearing down faster than the rear. We can replace the front or rear brake pads exclusively or replace all brake pads depending upon wear and an inspection results.

Brake Pad Replacement Service Overview

We complete brake pad replacement service according to certified INFINITI standards. A factory-trained technician will remove the worn brake pads, inspect the rotors, calipers, and hardware, and install the highest quality genuine INFINITI OEM brake pads to specifications.

Worn Brake Pad Indicators

INFINITI models equipped with brake pad monitoring have a warning indicator that lights up on the dashboard when the brake pads are due for replacement. It is also wise to know the trouble signs of worn brake pads because good brake pads are needed for safety. Be sure to get a brake system inspection and brake pad maintenance as needed if you notice any of the worn brake pad indicators:

  • Brake system warning light is on
  • High-pitched squealing or grinding when braking
  • Vehicle pulls to the side when braking
  • Requiring a greater distance or more time to stop


Schedule Brake Pad Replacement at Porter INFINITI

Customers can schedule an inspection or brake pad replacement service conveniently online or by phone during regular hours. We have loaner cars available for those needing transportation while we complete the service.


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