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INFINITI Multi-Point Inspection in Newark, DE

We provide a certified INFINITI multi-point inspection service recommended to keep your vehicle in the best shape for longer. Routine multi-point inspections help to contain long-term maintenance costs by fixing problems when they are minor instead of bigger, more costly problems later. Local INFINITI drivers in Newark, Wilmington, Ogletown, Brookside, DE, and Elkton, MD can trust that their multi-point inspection service is completed by factory-trained and certified technicians using the certified INFINITI multi-point inspection checklist. Visit us today for your multi-point inspection service at Porter INFINITI in Newark, DE.

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspections & Maintenance

The multi-point vehicle inspection is the staging point for vehicle maintenance and repairs. INFINITI drivers who want to get the most out of their vehicle schedule routine inspections to stay on top of maintenance, allowing them to fix minor problems before they worsen to cause bigger problems down the road.

Multi-Point Inspection Service Overview

We complete multi-point vehicle inspections according to certified INFINITI standards. Inspections are completed by factory-trained and certified technicians using a checklist to apply risk grades to the primary systems and components inspected. The inspection includes a bumper-to-bumper condition assessment of all primary systems and components. Each component checked is given a risk score related to maintenance needs. You can speak to a knowledgeable service advisor about the results and the corrective maintenance recommended to reduce risk and keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

The INFINITI Multi-Point Inspection Checklist

The checklist that we use to provide a thorough inspection is organized by vehicle area with several components to check including the interior/exterior, under the hood, tires, under the vehicle, brakes, and battery. Each component receives a color-coded risk score related to maintenance urgency. Components graded green are in good condition with no maintenance needed. Yellow scores indicate some wear and tear with the maintenance needed in the future. Those with red scores are in immediate need of attention.

Get a Certified Multi-Point Inspection at Porter INFINITI in Newark, DE

Local INFINITI drivers can get an Xpress multi-point inspection without an appointment. Simply bring your vehicle to Porter INFINITI during normal hours for a no-appointment inspection. We operate through the week and have extended Saturday service hours available for those with busy weekday schedules. You might also prefer to schedule an appointment at the online service scheduler or by phone during normal hours.


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