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Oil Change Services in Newark, DE


INFINITI Oil Change Service in Newark, DE

We provide the oil change recommended in your INFINITI owner’s manual according to certified standards. Your oil change service will be completed by factory-trained and certified technicians with genuine INFINITI OEM parts. Many INFINITI drivers in Newark, Wilmington, Ogletown, Brookside, DE, and Elkton, MD also choose to get their oil change service without an appointment by visiting our Xpress service department. We invite you to check our current service and parts specials for your oil change service at Porter INFINITI.


Engine Maintenance & Oil Changes

INFINITI is known for its reliable, smooth-firing, and long-lasting internal combustion engines. Getting the best engine performance for as long as possible requires the oil changes recommended in the owner’s manual. Routine oil changes keep the engine cleaner while introducing a lubricant with thinner viscosity. Be sure to get your oil changed when prompted by the oil monitoring system or according to the recommended miles detailed in the owner’s manual.

Conventional Oil Change 


Conventional motor oil is also called standard because it is the most commonly recommended engine lubricant since motor oil was standardized by the auto industry decades ago. It is refined crude petroleum that needs to be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on operating conditions.

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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change 


This motor oil is also called synthetic blend because it contains features of conventional and full-synthetic oils. INFINITI owners often choose to switch from conventional to semi-synthetic oil for improved performance in colder weather, better lubrication for higher-mile engines, or in severe operating conditions such as frequent driving in stop-and-go traffic. Synthetic blend motor oil should be changed every 5,000 miles in severe conditions and 7,500 miles in normal conditions.

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Full-Synthetic Oil Change 


Newer INFINITI models have full-synthetic motor oil as the recommended engine lubricant. This is the most advanced motor oil technology with the smallest molecule and thinnest viscosity. It is produced using petroleum resources but the degree of refinement needed and the resulting composition makes it a man-made oil. Full-synthetic motor oil should be changed every 10,000 miles in normal conditions.

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Get Certified Oil Change Service from Porter INFINITI in Newark, DE

INFINITI owners can schedule a traditional service appointment or get oil changes without an appointment at the Xpress service center. Appointments can be scheduled conveniently online or by phone during operating hours. No matter what your preferred service method, we complete oil changes according to certified INFINITI standards with a fast turnaround.


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