Porter INFINITI Q50 Service and Repair

INFINITI Q50 Service and Repair
in Newark, DE


INFINITI Q50 Service and Repair

Q50 Service and Repair at Porter INFINITI® in Newark, DE

The Q50 is a top-selling INFINITI® known for its powerful V6 engine, luxury comfort, and excellent overall sport sedan value. Optimizing Q50 reliability, safety, and life involved recommended maintenance at specific intervals and component repairs as needed with higher miles. Our INFINITI® service center is a premier opportunity for local Q50 owners to get an all-inclusive service menu completed at certified quality. Our factory-trained and certified technicians have extensive experience providing service for Q50 sedans just like yours. Services always include top-quality genuine OEM parts backed by a warranty. Contact us when your Q50 needs maintenance or repairs at Porter INFINITI® in Newark, serving Wilmington, Brookside, Elkton, and Ogletown, DE.


Recommended Services For Your INFINITI Q50

  • Oil Changes - Getting the most out of the Q50’s powerful V6 engine involves oil changes at the specified interval detailed in the owner’s manual. Most Q50 owners choose full-synthetic motor oil for optimum viscosity, thermal breakdown resistance, and engine protection. We also stock conventional and semi-synthetic motor oils for customers if preferred. Many Q50 owners visit the INFINITI® express service center for no-appointment oil change service performed as quickly as possible.
  • Tire Sales and Services - We provide Q50 owners with comprehensive tire sales and maintenance. We carry OEM tires recommended for your Q50. The Porter INFINITI® online tire store offers a convenient opportunity for Q50 owners to shop for new tires, place orders, and schedule replacement services. Our complete tire maintenance menu includes inspection, rotation, alignment, balancing, and pressure monitoring repair.
  • Brakes - Every Q50 owner can preserve stopping power and enhance safety with regular brake system inspections and component maintenance. Brake fluid requires exchange service every 2 to 3 years. Brake pads need replacement when worn to 3-4mm. Rotors require resurfacing/replacement when disc flatness is compromised.
  • Battery - The battery powers electronics and starts the engine. Ensuring reliable battery performance while protecting vehicle mobility requires regular battery testing and prompt replacement with the first sign of integrity decline. Q50 owners can stop by the INFINITI® express service center for battery service without an appointment.
  • Transmission - Nobody is more qualified for Q50 transmission service than our factory-trained and certified technicians. Contact us when your Q50 needs a transmission fluid exchange, inspection/diagnosis, replacement, or component repairs.

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Don’t forget that we offer limited-time specials that reduce the cost of popular services. The INFINITI® express service center provides super-convenient basic maintenance without appointments. Customers can schedule more involved maintenance and repair appointments online or by phone.


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