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Certified INFINITI® Synthetic Oil Change Service in Newark, DE

Your INFINITI® gives you its best every time you start it up, so it only makes sense that you want to give it the best. One of the ways you can do that is by giving your car a synthetic oil change, which helps protect your engine and keep it cool and lubricated. Synthetic oil changes last the longest of all the oil changes, making it so that you don’t have to worry about your car’s maintenance as much, which is why we offer synthetic oil changes at Porter INFINITI®.

INFINITI Synthetic Oil Change in Newark, DE

What We Do When We Change Your Oil

The process of an oil change is relatively simple. First, we access the oil drain plug underneath your car, and then we open it to let all the old oil drain out. Once your oil pan is completely drained, we exchange the old filter for a new OEM filter. After that’s done, we close the drain plug, put everything back where it’s supposed to be, and then we fill your oil pan with up to six quarts of synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Versus Other Oils

Synthetic oil is a specialized oil that’s been optimized for your engine. This is achieved through chemical additives that optimize the oil for the temperatures and pressures inside your engine. That’s why synthetic oil lasts longer than its counterparts. In comparison, conventional oil is a simple product of crude oil, and it lasts the least amount of time. Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of both conventional and synthetic oil, providing benefits from both oils in one.

Oil Changes Are Better With OEM Parts

Our service center has a full stock of OEM parts for your oil change needs. Whenever you get a replacement part, you want that part to be the best part for the job. The best parts for your car are OEM parts, which are designed for your car. OEM parts are identical to the parts used to assemble your car in the factory, so you get like-new quality every time you use an OEM part in your car. OEM parts are also rigorously tested in every model of vehicle they’re meant to work in, so you’re guaranteed the power and performance that they’ll give.

INFINITI Synthetic Oil Change Service

Come Visit Porter INFINITI® for Your Synthetic Oil Changes

We’re the main provider of INFINITI® synthetic oil changes for Newark, Wilmington, Brookside, and Ogletown, DE; Elkton, MD; and the surrounding areas. We want to show you just how good service can be, and our comfortable waiting area is ready for you to relax in. You can call us during business hours or use our online scheduler to set up your appointment today!


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