Porter INFINITI Tire Rotation Service

Tire Rotation Service


Porter INFINITI® of Newark Explains the Importance of Having Your Tires Rotated

One of the most important preventative maintenance services for your tires is tire rotation. Our customers often pass over this, but it can drastically increase the longevity of your tires and prevent uneven tread wear. This simple service involves our certified INFINITI® technicians removing the tire and wheel assembly from your vehicle and relocating it to one of the other three locations. This allows the unworn areas of your tires to now contact the road and saves the worn areas from further contact. At Porter INFINITI® in Newark, Delaware, we provide tire rotation services at affordable prices, completed by our experienced technicians. Make sure to check our current service specials to see if you can save on your tire rotation service appointment.


INFINITI Tire Rotation Service

Causes of Uneven Tire Tread Wear

If your tires are overly worn in one area over the others, this is called uneven wear. It can be caused by many different issues, which we can address following the tire rotation service. These can include:

  • Issues with your INFINITI®’s wheel alignment
  • The uneven distribution of your INFINITI®’s weight across the tires
  • Normal wear and tear, such as the outer edges of your tires wearing down faster than the inner edges.


Don’t Delay Tire Rotation Service and Risk Having to Purchase New Tires

Routine maintenance can seem like a bother, and it may seem like it isn’t making much of a difference. Tire rotation is one of those services which truly is important to the health of your vehicle. If allowed to go unresolved, worn-down areas, your tires can lose their integrity. This could result in a blowout, which can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are driving at high speed at the time. Avoid this potential situation and the need to purchase new tires prematurely by coming in for a simple tire rotation service today.

Tire Rotation Service Can Benefit Your INFINITI® in Numerous Ways

In addition to extending the life of your current tires and improving your safety while driving, there are other benefits to having tire rotation service completed. These include:

  • Lowered maintenance costs
  • Enhanced ride
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Improved handling
  • Promotion of even brake wear

Schedule Tire Rotation Services Today at Porter INFINITI® of Newark, DE

Now that you know why tire rotation service is necessary and how simple and efficient it can be, you likely want to schedule your service appointment. We invite you to do so over the phone or using our online scheduling tool. With either option, you can choose from our Saturday service hours or our extended weekday hours. Located in Newark, Delaware, we serve customers from Wilmington, Brookside, Ogletown, Elkton. Once you are here, you can enjoy the many amenities our service department has to offer, including complimentary beverages and coffee, a children’s play area, and business workstations. Don’t forget to take advantage of our complimentary multi-point inspection performed by our certified INFINITI® technicians. When you want the best labor and parts at competitive prices, join us at Porter INFINITI® in Newark.


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